Wallpaper used a saccent wall

Wallpaper Accent Wall

Wallpaper accent wall. For the next few blogs we will feature specific creative ways in which wallcovering can be used rather than the customary–paper all 4 walls of a room.  Wallpaper used as an accent wall is the newest wallcovering trend and leads off our Creative Wall series.
Just because your room has four walls doesn’t mean you have to paint them all. Sometimes an accent wall or two can make a bigger impact. By applying wallpaper to a single wall, you can add color, experiment with bold shades or patterns, and highlight the architecture of a room. Here are seven reasons below to create an accent wall in your home with wallpaper.
1. An accent wallpaper wall can highlight a room’s architecture. If your home has a distinctive fireplace, for example, placing an accent wall behind the fireplace will emphasis this part of your home.
2. Creating a backdrop is another reason for putting wallpaper on an accent wall. It can create a backdrop for a piece of furniture or serve as a focal point for a room. 3. Play with a pattern. If you have fallen deeply in love with a pattern, wallpapering a single wall is a great way to introduce it without going overboard.
4. Define an area. You can create a definitive area by putting wallpaper on an accent wall as a focal point.
5. Add color to an otherwise neutral tone room.
6. Create a mood. Put up a beach mural on one wall in front of or behind your bed and you can hear the waves and the rustle of palm trees.
7. Detract from unsightly features. For example, don’t have a window–add a wallpaper window and you forget the deficiency.
Here are some great accent wall looks:
Wallpaper used a saccent wall
Creative wall uses for wallcovering
Wallpaper used as accent wall with book pattern
Wallpaper book pattern