Wallpaper is Back and Vintage wallpaper is back in a big way. There is a renewed interest in wallcovering patterns that speak of comfort and coziness. English cottage, Victorian and shabby chic wallpaper patterns are seeing a real resurgence. When shopping for vintage wallpaper there is a real difference between what might be considered genuine vintage wallpaper and vintage-style or retro wallpaper. Genuine vintage is a term often reserved for papers designed and manufactured at least 10-20 years ago but more often mid-century–in the 1960s and earlier. When considering whether to purchase genuine vintage wallpaper versus vintage-style to retro-style wallpaper there are a number of comparison points, all of which point to the real advantage of vintage-style versus genuine vintage wallcovering patterns. At For the Love of Wallpaper we have a warehouse full of vintage style wallpaper patterns. The advantages of vintage style wallcovering patterns are:

• SELECTION: Vintage style patterns recreate genuine vintage wallpaper patterns and there is a much larger selection of patterns to choose from.

• PRICE: Vintage style patterns use modern technology for production and are therefore much more cost effective.

• DURABILITY: Vintage style patterns are typically vinyl coated and therefore more durable and washable.

• EASE OF INSTALLATION: Vintage style patterns are easy to install with standard paste and do not require special handling. The integrity of the product is more stable than is the case with genuine vintage paper wallpaper patterns that are sensitive to touch and require special installation products and techniques. Vintage style and retro style wallpaper patterns are much more forgiving.


Whether you're looking for patterns that feature red, blue, green, yellow, purple, brown or black we have something to fit all of your interior design needs. While many vintage wallpaper patterns feature muted colorways our large selection of vintage style wallcovering includes a broad array of color choices—from bold and bright to subtle and subdued. Simply click on one of the color squares to start your search by color.

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