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Shop vintage wallpaper now! We have over a century of wall-covering experience and a warehouse full of vintage-style designer wallpaper patterns. The advantages of vintage-style patterns are their unique retro designs, their very low prices compared to ‘genuine’ vintage patterns and the fact that they incorporate modern features such as vinyl coating which is washable. Above all, our retro, vintage-style patterns are easy to install with standard paste products without special handling required.
And, best of all, our retro and vintage style patterns, because they are of newer manufacture, are more stable and less sensitive. Shop vintage wallpaper now and hang your purchase within days.


No matter what design style you are going for, we have you covered. Shop vintage wallpaper now below by clicking on the color you’re interested in. You can check out style inspiration on our Instagram account

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Not sure what color you’d like but have a certain pattern or theme in mind? We’ll inspire your interiors with designs from floral to modern.
Try out our wallpaper calculator so that you’ll buy just what you need and decorate your walls perfectly. If you have other questions about us or about wallpaper click HERE to view our FAQ page.

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