Wallpaper and Border Installation Calculator

Wallpaper and Border Calculator – Quantity Calculator

Measuring Tape for Wallcovering InstallationThere are many ways of calculating the number of wallpaper rolls required for a project. Depending on which method is used, the end result may vary. For the Love of Wallpaper is not responsible for the accuracy of the final number.

Ensure you have enough product for your project and to also have product on hand for future usage or repairs. Add one more double roll of wallpaper above what the Calculator formula suggests. This formula is short and simple. The formula does not account for the width of the wallpaper pattern, the size of pattern repeats or the size of window/door openings or other special room conditions. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the repeat, the more rolls are needed. And the larger the windows and doors, the fewer rolls are needed.

An added plus is when you purchase a vintage pattern online from For the Love of Wallpaper there are no special handling techniques or unique paste required. Because our vintage patterns are vintage-style and are of recent manufacture they contain all the details of modern technology. This allows you to purchase a vintage-style pattern at a very low price that has vinyl coating which allows for easier cleaning. And, you won’t have to worry about using special adhesives or extra careful handling.

Simple Quantity Calculation Formula:

  • Take the total room square footage (take length and width of all room walls x height of room) and divide by 24.
  • Deduct 2 single wallpaper rolls for up to every 4 standard size openings (windows or doors).


How to measure your room for wallpaper10×12 room with an 8′ ceiling, 2 windows and 1 door:

10+10+12+12= 44×8=352/24=14.7

Deduct 2 rolls for the 3 openings=12.7 or 13 rolls

For Borders:

To determine the number of vintage wallpaper Border packs required, take the room size in feet and divide by 15 (each pack of wallpaper border contains 15′) and allow extra footage for the wallpaper border pattern match.

Installing wallpaper sidewalls or borders is easy. For how-to ideas, please check out our Installation Tips page.

In order to view more of our online vintage-style stock, visit our eBay store.