Vintage Wallpaper

Shop Vintage Wallpaper from the oldest wallpaper store in America. Founded in 1905, U. S. Wallcovering in Cleveland, Ohio has been selling designer wallpaper and border patterns for over a century. Family owned and managed, the company head is Gary Levine, the grandson of the store’s founder. Gary grew up in the industry and has been a promoter of new designs and product techniques.

For the Love of Wallpaper has linked with U.S. Wallcovering to offer for sale all the vintage style patterns in their warehouse. U.S. Wallcovering has stored wallpaper and border patterns from the 1980s. Not old enough to be real vintage but the patterns are vintage style. And, best of all they are vinyl coated for easy care and do not require special handling or pastes.

When you shop vintage wallpaper you can create a special look in your home that is warm and special. Use vintage wallpaper on a feature wall for special effect or use a vintage floral pattern in a cozy bedroom. ‘Vintage’ is the latest trend in the wallcovering industry. It comes in a range of price points from very high to very low. Because of the price range it is easy to update a home for a low cost.

Here are some vintage style patterns from our in-stock supply. Other vintage floral patterns can be found at:

Vintage kitchen wallpaper border
Classic vintage kitchen wall border

Bedroom Vintage wallpaper
Bedroom Vintage Wallpaper
Laura Ashley Wallpaper Border
Laura Ashley Vintage Wallpaper Border