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Silver Metallic Damask Wallpaper

Metallic Wallpaper Silver Gold Copper Bronze Adds Shimmer Drama

Metallic Wallpaper in shades of Silver, Gold, Copper or Bronze adds shimmer and drama to any space.

Wallpaper has become more and more fashionable and affordable.  A new trend that is growing stronger by the day is metallic wallpaper. Metallic wallpaper is more durable then average wallpaper. That means it will look beautiful for a longer period of time. It can also be used in many different ways to suit your décor and taste. When choosing metallic wallpaper you want to take consider the color, pattern and the light effect.
The color of the wallpaper is a big part of deciding what metallic to use. Silver  and gold metallic wallpapers are the most popular current choices because of their light enhancing effects. Bronze and copper are alternative choices for an even more dramatic look. Metallic wallpapers tend to bring a luxurious feel to their surroundings. The pattern of a metallic wallpaper tends to be eye catching when put in any room. Spots and stripes are the most common designs but floral and glitter choices are also being used. Metallic wallpaper reflects the light in your room making it feel bigger and more open. Just be careful that the wallpaper does not overpower the space.
An interesting wallpaper is one that combines the glamour of metallic with the natural quality of grasscloth.
Using a metallic wallpaper in your home is not for the faint of heart but it will bring a bold and dynamic aspect to your home and wall.
Happy wallpaper hunting.
Beige Natural Grasscloth wallpaper with Silver Metallic threads.
Enhance a Bedroom wall with a bold Silver Metallic Floral wallpaper pattern.