Using Wallpaper for Bedroom Design

Wallpaper is a key interior design element especially if you’re wanting to highlight the master bedroom. The style and pattern of the wallpaper will drastically change the mood of your bedroom. Think of calming florals and vintage patterns, creating a delicate and gracious atmosphere. Below is an example of how continuing patterns throughout your room, such as your walls and furniture, can pull together an entire room.

Floral wallpaper in bedroom.

While designing your room remember that accent walls are always a great option and seem to be very trendy now. Adding a pop of color and design to your room without creating a busy look, is one of the key positives of having an accent wall of wallpaper. Using wallpaper can also create a backdrop to the focal point of your room. Using the below picture as a reference we can see that the wallpaper brings your attention to the bed without making the room feel busy and it adds to the atmosphere. Colors in the wallpaper also blend well with the other wall colors in that room making a cohesive mix in design. 

Accent wall of wallpaper in bedroom.

If you aren’t drawn to floral wallpaper and want a more simplistic style, try a modern pattern! This will add color and shape to your room and still draw to your focal point. Modern styles such as the one below will work as both accent walls and as your main color because of their clean and classic looks. 

Modern style wallpaper accent wall in bedroom.

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