Holiday Kitchens

It’s the holiday season already, and that means lots of cooking. With so many events coming up, having a beautiful kitchen is a must. Not only for the atmosphere, but to be able to entertain guests. A staple in most American homes is Martha Stewart, if theres anything that sticks out about Martha, it’s her many elegant kitchens. Usually decorated in a simplistic modern style her kitchens often have a pop of color. using soft natural colors can keep a modern appearance while adding detail to the room. This holiday season you can bring this style to your home with our vintage wallpaper. Touches of color can be incorporated with wallpaper borders, which are perfect for adding style to a room while still keeping a simplistic wall color. Patterns such as florals can be a nice touch and add some playful fashion to your holiday kitchens.

Winter Berries Wallpaper Border

Colorful Kitchens

Julia Child is another staple chef around the holidays. Her cooking inspires many during the holidays and with all the cooking you’ll be doing why not feel like you’re in Julia’s Kitchen? Julia Child’s kitchen was always full of color. To emulate her style, try bold colors such as deep greens or turquoise. Many of our wallpapers incorporate these into vintage patterns. A light plaid or a floral pattern that is bold in tone will make your holiday kitchen gorgeous. Prepare for the season with vintage wallpaper, make your kitchen pleasing for you and your holiday guests! It’s not too late to start decorating your kitchen for the holiday season! Our wallpaper is in stock and can be shipped from our website immediately! Most Wallpaper jobs can be completed within a day especially for a feature wall, shop now at!

Waverly Green with Red Flowers
Green and White Flors Wallpaper