Tropical Wallpaper, Bringing the Beauty of Nature to Your Home

Today, home décor is a main trend across social media. Pastels, retro themes, and botanical looks are v trending. Each changes the vibe of a home and creates a new ‘feel’ for the space. Wallpaper gives you many active options. Avoid the pain of painting an entire room yourself or hiring a pro to create a look that you may not like. Tropical or plant wallpaper is an ‘in’ trend because of the laid back feeling it brings to a home. Serene nature is brought indoors and allows for a single standout room. Some examples of leaf and tropical wallpapers are shown below.

This tropical pattern is used to bring life to the area and open up the room.

Partial wall covering makes the pattern feel less busy. It also opens up the room as it draws the eye upwards. Notice how this leaf-patterned wallpaper works with other decor such as the plant and yellow pillow covers to bring color into the area and liven the room up. 

Similar décor and patterns can bring the design together and create a calming mood.

A tropical leaf wallpaper that uses varied green shades and textures can inspire a serene feeling. Wallpaper is also used on furniture such as lampshades, tables, and much more to extend the effect. This type of décor doesn’t have to be reserved for vacation rental homes. Bring the vacation to you with easy-to-install tropical wallpaper. Create that special feeling with just a few rolls of tropical theme wallpaper. 

Below are some examples of tropical and botanical wallpapers that we sell in our brick and mortar store, There is also a large selection of similar wallpapers on our online website. 

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