Spring Wallpaper–The Perfect Anti-Depressant

Spring Wallpaper–At this time of global pandemic and universal angst we are all searching for anti-dotes. Whether is a new vaccine or an old medicine re-purposed we would like to know we will be ok. There is something about Spring that is re-assuring. It is all about renewal and rebirth and life embarking on a new cycle. If only we could capture that Spring spirit and bottle it.

As we stay home more it forces us to look at our internal surroundings and perhaps consider a new Spring project. Obviously, many citizens are hurting financially and not in the mood or in a place where they can consider a new decorating expenditure. But, wallpaper can be done on a shoestring. Wallpaper borders for example can be bought for as low as $8.99 for a 15 foot border. A 10 x 10 foot room (40 feet) would require only 3 packs of border for a total of $27.

Spring Colors Spark a Smile

Spring colors–green, yellow, blue, pink-spark a smile. They are warm and inviting and soothing. And typically, floral in nature. Following are photos of Spring wallpaper sidewalls and borders that adhere to the headline–Spring Wallpaper–The Perfect Anti-depressant.

Morning glories and anemones wallpaper.
Morning Glories and Anemones. Perfect for a Guest Bedroom.
Daffodils, strawberries, berries vintage wallpaper for a Kitchen or Bedroom.
What fun–daffodils, strawberries berries. Perfect for a Kitchen or Bedroom.
Laura Ashley Spring wallpaper border.
Lovely Spring Wallpaper Border by Laura Ashley

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