hibisucs floral wallpaper, pink, blue

Benefits of Wallpaper Adds Depth Texture Color

Why Choose Wallpaper?

Wallpaper was once a staple in most homes in the past. But, many people don’t consider using wallpaper in their homes anymore because it has gotten a bad rap. It’s not a secret that wallpaper has not been cool for a long time until recently. Today’s choices of wallpaper are not what your grandmother used to put up in her house!

People tend to think wallpaper consists of ugly patterns and boring colors but actually it can come in almost any color and design you can imagine! When you pick the wallpaper for your room it can shake up things and improve the feeling of the room. When you are redecorating a room or want a change you may feel overwhelmed with where to put the wallpaper.  Your first step is to figure out whether to paper the entire room or just a single wall.

Place a tranquil beach scene behind a bed or a cityscape mural behind a living room sofa or a rain forest panel behind a dining room console. The options are endless in terms of colors, style, subject matter and material. Including the potential to create your own wallpaper from a personal photo. And, best of all, the newest patterns are designed to be easily installed and easily de-installed.

Bold large-scale damasks, dramatic florals, classic stripes, natural grasscloth are just a few of the new wallcovering trends. And, as always, there is a strong market for vintage style wallpaper patterns with with Victorian small prints or traditional Laura Ashley florals.

Wallpaper is a powerful tool for your home design and it can also transform your space. Happy decorating or redecorating your home with wallpaper!


Shown below are examples of some new style wallcovering patterns.

hibisucs floral wallpaper, pink, blue
Hibiscus Floral Wallpaper
black paisley-like wallpaper, red, yellow
Black Paisley-like
silver beige grasscloth wallpaper, natural
Silver Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper
green ivy leaf wallpaper, yellow
Green Ivy Leaf Wallpaper
red blue green striped wallpaper
Red blue green striped wallpaper