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Wallcovering sample large format. A large cut sample of a wallpaper or border pattern. In the case of wallpaper (sidewalls) the sample will be approximately 8″ x 10″. In the case of borders the large format sample will be around 10″ in length.

We offer Free small color swatch samples which are suitable for most patterns in terms of showing the color. But, for some patterns it is best to see the full pattern scope.

When ordering a large format sample for either wallpaper or borders it is necessary that you provide the pattern number which is found in the title as well as the item description. This is necessary because there is one generic listing for all samples rather than separate sample listings for each pattern, except for grasscloth. There are separate sample listings for every grasscloth pattern.

Due to the natural nature of grasscloth it is recommended that a wallcovering sample large format be ordered in advance of placing a grasscloth order.

The image shown is not the pattern you will receive but is just an example.

We have over 4000 in-stock patterns, most vintage style and ranging from florals to stripes. Not all patterns have sample stock from which we can cut a sample. if you select a pattern we cannot provide a sample of we will refund your money.

Computer monitors show product in different ways. If you have any concerns about a color match, it is wise to order a sample before ordering the product.

If you do not find what you are looking for on the fortheloveofwallpaper site, check out our ebay store.

Image shown is a sample composite. This is not what you will receive. You will receive a large format sample (@ 8″ x 10″) of the pattern# you request.

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