Wall Liner allows you to create a new wall. Use it on rough and/or textured walls to smooth them out. You can paint or wallpaper over wall liner.
For details about why and how to use wall liner, check out the Installation Tips section.
Prime the wall with a good acrylic primer, wait a day, apply a good clear paste to the wall liner and install it, wait a day, then use a good acrylic primer on the surface of the wall liner, wait a day and paint or wallpaper over the new wall surface. Waiting times between steps can vary and will depend on humidity, room temperature, etc. It is possible to be able to proceed within hours rather than waiting a day between steps. Check with us for further instructions if unsure about the process waiting time. Wall Liner is like a wonder product. It creates a whole new smooth surface and saves the time and money of trying to smooth out a rough wall surface.
When lining up strips of wall liner. be sure to double cut the seams so the seams will not be visible.
We sell wall liner in two widths: 20.5″ and 27″. Both products will work equally as well so it is a matter of personal preference whether to use the 20.5″ or 27″ width material. With the 27″ material there will be fewer seams which is one factor to consider.