FLORAL Patterned Craft Scrapbooking Paper Wallpaper Pak 17 Sheets


This FLORAL LOVE BUNCH PAPERS PAK includes patterns from French country cottage to bold modern designs. Included are large Florals & small scale Victorians.

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This FLORAL LOVE BUNCH PAPERS PAK includes Floral wallpaper patterns that are delicious. They range from classic English/French country cottage designs to bold modern takes on the traditional standard. Included in the mix are large bold Florals and small scale Victorian nosegays. All in the most scrumptious colors including rich deep primary shades and delicate pastels. Perfect for a waterfront retreat, mountain cabin or country cottage environment. Also works to enliven a city home space. Each Pak consists of 11 large sheets and 6 small sheets of wallpaper. Price includes FREE SHIPPING.

Created with the assistance of noted NYC artist and über crafter Kaeti Wigeland. Each Love Bunch Pak is unique. The photos show a typical assortment of the types of designs included in this style category. YOU WILL RECEIVE DIFFERENT PATTERNS THAN THE ONES PICTURED.

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