NOVELTY Masculine Craft Scrapbooking Wallpaper Pak 17 Sheet


This NOVELTY-MASCULINE LOVE BUNCH PAPERS PAK offers wallpaper samples in Masculine colors, patterns & themes. They tend to be in dark & earth tone colors.

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This NOVELTY Masculine craft scrapbooking Wallpaper PAK offers a wide variety of wallpaper samples in Masculine colors, patterns and themes. Think of a collection in primarily earthy color tones and subjects like Sailing, Natural settings and Fall foliage. There is a wide variety of different subjects and designs in this Pak but they tend to be in dark and earth tones–Brown, Black, Forest Green, Taupe, Rust, Blue–and of design subjects that are more appealing to masculine tastes. This Novelty Pak includes 11 large sheets and 6 small sheets. The small sheets are of colorful wallpaper borders. Price includes FREE SHIPPING.

Created with the assistance of noted NYC artist and über crafter Kaeti Wigeland. Each Novelty Masculine craft scrapbooking wallpaper Pak is unique. The photos show a typical assortment of the types of designs included in this style category. YOU WILL RECEIVE DIFFERENT PATTERNS THAN THE ONES PICTURED.

Use these sheets to line shelves, cover books, create notecards, wrap presents, etc.

The wallpaper sheets come from discontinued wallpaper books. What a great way to use these books so they do not end up in land fills.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

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