Novelty Feminine Craft Scrapbooking Wallpaper Pak 17 Sheets


This Novelty Pak includes 11 large wallpaper sheets and 6 small wallpaper sheets. The small sheets consist of vibrant, colorful wallpaper borders.

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This Novelty Feminine craft scrapbooking wallpaper PAK offers a wide variety of wallpaper samples–all in Feminine colors, patterns and themes. The colors range from pink to purple, rose and yellow and show birds, children, Americana country scenes, flowers and a wide range of subject matter and designs with a Feminine look & feel. Suited for all craft projects and home décor styles. This Pak includes 11 large sheets and 6 small sheets. The small sheets consist of vibrant, wallpaper borders. Price includes FREE SHIPPING.

Created with the help of noted NYC artist and über crafter Kaeti Wigeland. Each novelty feminine craft scrapbooking Pak is unique. The photos show a typical range of the types of designs included in this style category. YOU WILL RECEIVE DIFFERENT PATTERNS THAN THE ONES PICTURED.

The wallpaper is pulled from discontinued wallpaper books that would end up in landfills. Therefore, this is a great way to help reuse the books. The paper can be used for book covers, art projects, scrapbooking, shelf liner, gift wrapping, note cards, etc.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

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