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Red floral black background wallpaper.

2017 Wallpaper Design Trends

2017 Wallpaper Design Trends. This year is moving quickly so don’t miss out on any wallpaper design trends of 2017. Marble, Ombré and greenery wallpaper have been big trends at the start of the year but let’s also explore additional wallpaper ideas that are trending now.

Art Deco is a growing trend for super-luxe glamour. Think of using a blush pink, mint green wallpaper and you could add a little bit of bling with some gold accents border. There are some beautiful and sumptuous art deco style wallpaper and wall murals out there.
Dark and moody wallpaper colors are also a trend sharing the dose of drama with Art Deco. Deep blacks, slate greys and indigo blues wallpaper are a great backdrop for showcasing all your treasured possessions. Adding a pop of bright color against the darker backdrop adds some punch to the space.
Keeping with the dark theme, adding a beautiful, big and bold floral wallpaper helps soften a room and can also brighten the darker colors.
Lastly, desert chic is another trend for 2017. Think: earthy tone wallpaper or warm pinks, dusty blues or a Mexican or Southern-American style pattern. Works well with big city loft-style décor as well as with mid-century styles. It is a ‘design neutral’ that can only enhance a particular style.
2017 is turning into a rich treasure trove for uique wallpaper hunters. Happy 2017!

2017 Wallpaper design trends, blue black peacock wallpaper
Blue Black Peacock Wallpaper
2017 wallpaper design trends, black, red, large-scale floral
Red floral black background wallpaper.
2017 wallpaper sesing trends, Southwestern, gold, sand,
Gold Southwestern style wallpaper.