The vintage floral wallpaper-borders sections together offer the largest number of patterns both on our online store and in-stock at our Cleveland, Ohio Showroom. As of this writing, there are 97 wallpaper sidewall (referred to as wallpaper) and 119 border patterns in our online store and thousands of vintage floral wallpaper and border patterns in our Ohio Showroom. The number increases on a daily basis.

Types of Floral Patterns

The types of floral patterns runs the gamut from small-scale Victorian florals such as the pattern below that work well in a Bedroom

small-scale Victorian floral wallpaper
Small-scale Victorian floral pattern

to large-scale floral wallpaper patterns that can add drama to a Dining Room such as the pattern below:

large-scale floral wallpaper
Large-scale floral wallpaper can work in a Dining Room

Our floral patterns are by noted, name wallpaper brands such as Waverly, Laura Ashley, Schumacher. We have been collecting wallpaper patterns for a long time–none of our patterns date back to our founding in 1905 but we do have patterns from the late 1900s. Almost all of our floral patterns are vintage-style. They may not be from the 1960s or earlier so they are not ‘true’ vintage but they are all vintage-style. Read here to learn about the benefits of vintage-style patterns versus pure vintage patterns.

When it comes to floral vintage wallpaper-borders they come in all sizes. The common feature is they are all perfect for use in a Guest Bedroom or Master suite. They can be used instead of crown molding, chair rail or baseboard. Some of our special vintage-style patterns follows.

Laura Ashley Floral Vintage Wallpaper Border
Laura Ashley Floral Vintage Wallpaper Border
Waverly cutout floral vintage wallpaper border
Waverly cutout floral vintage wallpaper border. Great at baseboard height.

The following picture shows just how impactful a wallpaper can be. As shown in House Beautiful.

Black white floral wallpaper surrounds a bedroom
Floral wallpaper wit matching fabric makes for a special bedroom

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