Grasscloth Wallpaper-the Natural choice refers to the fact that grasscloth is a product made from, you guessed it, grasses. The neat part of this wallpaper grouping is its organic look.

Grasscloth comes with a linen-like texture or a rough surface. It can be one color or multi-colors. The color choices range from Deep Green and Blue to Pale Gray and White and all the colors of the color wheel.

At a time when there is concern about global warming and efforts are in place to limit carbon emissions, grasscloth offers the chance to do right and look good.

Grasscloth Wallpaper is the climate change choice

Grasscloth wallpaper-the natural choice, because it is from nature, is made with little carbon and chemicals. It looks good, feels good and honors the earth. Using natural grasscloth speaks to your caring about climate change.

An added plus is grasscloth wallpaper often is made with little PVC use and with natural dyes.

Where to Use Grasscloth Wallpaper-the Natural Choice

Grasscloth is perfect in a Study, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Entrance Way, Media Room or Powder Room. It is not good for use in a full bath because it might come in contact with water or steam. Since it is porous-steam can filter through the paper and thus reside in the back of the paper leading to possible mold build-up. Therefore, do not use grasscloth in a main bathroom.

Also, because it is not possible to wash down the surface it is not perfect for kitchen use.

Grasscloth, with its organic look is a great surface for artwork or photos. It adds a tactile sense and warmth to any room. A great look is White grasscloth with chrome and mirrors and black and white photos. Grasscloth wallpaper the natural choice can make any room look and feel special.

It is so much better than paint because it adds depth and warmth and texture.

Grasscloth works very well for special projects. Check out the photo below from Australia. It shows a cream and gold shoji-like grasscloth as the background for sliding doors. The doors are on either side of a display case for a special scroll hanging. Quite perfect.

Shoji-like grasscloth in cream and gold used for special screen.
Shoji-like cream and gold grasscloth used for screen slots.

Following are photos of smooth and heavy textured grasscloths in varied colors.

White linen-like grasscloth.
White linen-like grasscloth. Great as background for photos.
Magnolia Home Navy linen-like grasscloth. Perfect as background for artwork.
Magnolia Home Navy linen-like grasscloth
Heavy textured silver and gray grasscloth.
Heavy textured silver metallic and beige grasscloth.

Great grasscloth Rooms. Check out these dynamite room settings from House Beautiful to see just how perfect grasscloth can be for all rooms: House Beautiful slide show.

Grasscloth does require the use of a clear paste. Check out our Installation Tips section for further information. It is also important to make sure all rolls are of the same dye lot. Because it is a natural material, there can be a lot of variance from one dye lot to another.