Vintage kitchen wallpaper and borders are a special part of the in-stock patterns at our Cleveland, OH store. With over 4000 wallpaper and border patterns on site customers are sure to find just the right design. On line we feature a total of 1000 patterns of the 4000 in our store. The 25% of the patterns shown on line are specially selected to offer a broad range of colors and patterns.

Vintage Kitchen Fruits and Vegetables Abound

What types of patterns work well in a kitchen? Obvious choices are fruit, vegetable and other food and beverage designs. But, there are also many not so obvious choices such as flowers, lattice patterns, mid-century abstract and cutout patterns.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables we have a huge selection from apples, pears, grapes, plums to peas, artichokes, eggplants, radishes. Lots of great colors from rich bold dark shades to light, bright hues. Favorite kitchen flowers include sunflowers. They have a way of making any kitchen seem bright and cheery.

Designer Kitchens

When thinking about kitchens there are some designer names that stand out. Vintage kitchen wallpaper and borders, especially borders, are aligned with the brand names Waverly and Laura Ashley. There is a broad range of designs in many colors and there are many sidewall and border combos that can make a simple kitchen look like a designer showplace. Looking for a wow look, consider a black kitchen wallcovering .

Check out some of our favorite kitchen patterns below.

kitchen vintage wallpaper black white
Dramatic Black Kitchen Wallpaper

kitchen vintage yellow lemons wallpaper
Lemons Brighten a Dark Kitchen and add a Provencal touch
kitchen vintage wallpaper with veggies on a lattice grid
Wonderful vintage-style kitchen wallpaper with veggies on a grid
Waverly fruit kitchen vintage wallpaper with matching border
Great Waverly Pattern with a matching border
Waverly kitchen vintage fruit border with matching wallpaper
Matching Border for A Waverly Sidewall

Most of the patterns shown are vintage-style. Learn about the difference between vintage kitchen wallpaper and borders and vintage-style patterns here.

Looking for other examples of Kitchen Vintage wallpaper and borders, check out our eBay store offerings by clicking here.