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Strawberry mural

Summertime Wallpaper Highlights Food–Peaches, Strawberries, Plums

Summertime Wallpaper highlights food. Summer is the time for lots of food favorites. Watermelon, peaches, plums and especially strawberries are mainstays of the Summer diet. They are also mainstays of the Summer wallpaper scene. One of our favorite mural companies, Photowall, offers a sophisticated take on a strawberry pattern.

Create a Summer environment just by adding a wallpaper–sidewall or border–pattern that features favorite Summer offerings. No need to swap out your wallcovering seasonally–Summer themed wallpaper will keep your Kitchen summer fresh all year round.

Shown are some of our yummiest Summer food wallcoverings. The featured image is from the Photowall catalogue; the others are from our own in-stock inventory. mouth watering good.

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Strawberries, grapes and Summer flowers. So Summer.
Plums Galore in this Kitchen Border
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Mouth watering good watermelon on the perfect checked picnic cloth