Vintage Damask, Paisley & Toile Wallpaper and BorderDamask paisley toile vintage wallpaper patterns in a range of colors and styles. Large scale damasks are ideal for a feature wall. Toile in hunting scenes, country scenes, dance scenes, golf courses and more. Traditional satins, brocades, moirés, silks. And, paisley patterns including swirls. This group of designs also includes classic looking patterns that are not damask, toile or paisley.

This damask paisley toile vintage wallpaper category offers a group of traditional and classic patterns that work well with many home décor styles including mid-century and period. Many of the patterns in this category offer special texture features. These patterns suit many rooms from studies to living rooms to entrance ways, bedrooms and dining rooms. Feast your eyes on these dramatic and subtle designs. Because these patterns have a vintage retro style they work well with older style pieces and can be a bridge between different rooms and styles.

Includes wallpaper sidewalls and borders.


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