Designing with Wallpaper–Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

With this blog we are starting a series of posts that will explore unique, creative ways of using wallpaper. Who knows, these articles may end up in a book form. There is no limit to how wallpaper can be used. Both vintage wallpaper and current wallpaper have their own strengths. Contemporary wallpaper patterns, for example, are typically vinyl-coated giving them more durability and giving you more options.

Environmental Concerns:

At For the Love of Wallpaper we are very concerned about the environment. In fact, we were founded as a Recycle, Reuse, Reduce answer to the thousands of wallpaper sidewall and border patterns, mostly vintage and vintage-style, that are in the back warehouse of our affiliate store–U.S. Wallcovering, founded in 1905. There are no patterns from 1905 but we do have patterns that are 20-40 years old. When customers visit our brick and mortar store in NE Ohio they typically just see the patterns in our front Showroom and do not get to see the older patterns in the back warehouse.

Purchase On-Line:

In order to make those back warehouse patterns visible we founded our on-line store–For the Love of Wallpaper. If not for our efforts to sell these ‘un-seen’ patterns they would be dropped in a landfill and because of the vinyl-coating on many of them, they would not disintegrate very quickly.

Wallpaper Books Destined for Landfills

Another product in our store that is destined for landfills are discontinued wallpaper books. We have hundreds of wallpaper books in stock and every month there are a few that are dropped. Rather than putting them in the dumpster and sending them to a landfill we do 3 things with them:

  1. Donate them to schools for use in art projects.
  2. Donate them to organizations that use them for special events. A case in point is a recent pre-Mother’s Day happening at the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor where wallpaper books provided the raw material for little purses. The process went like this: A child would select a wallpaper pattern from one of the books, and would then select a purse pattern, cut the wallpaper to the pattern, add a post it note packet made from scrap paper and finish it off with a beaded handle. A perfect gift for a perfect mom and one that re-enforces the notion of Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. View the attached photos from the event.
  3. Create crafts packets of different themed wallpaper patterns. More on this in our next blog posting.
Chairperson of pre-Mother’s Day Event at Great Lakes Mall, Mentor, OH displays purse made from wallpaper.
Putting the finishing touches on a wallpaper purse.
Post-it Notes made from scrap paper which are glued into the wallpaper purse.
Wallpaper books used for projects and donations rather than dumped in landfill.
Some of the hundreds of in-stock wallpaper books. Several are discontinued each month and replaced with new offerings, so there is a constant supply of material.