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2020 Color of-the-Year–Classic Blue

The 2020 Color of-the-Year from Pantone is Classic Blue. This is a deep blue with the number 19-4052. According to Pantone, the universal color coding system. Since 1999, there is a Pantone color of the year. The colors are chosen to reflect the mood of the moment.

The colors in the Pantone color system are based on 18 basic hues and are formed from CMYK–Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.

The first color of the year in 1999 was Cerulean Blue.

1999 Color of the Year--Cerulean Blue
1999 Color of the Year–Cerulean Blue

The color of the year in 2019 was Living Coral.

2019 Color of the Year--Living Coral
2019 Color of the Year–Living Coral.

The 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue.

2020 Color of the Year--Classic Blue
2020 Color of the Year–Classic Blue

The Pantone Color of the Year is the standard. But, paint companies, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, each select a color of the year as well. The colors do not always relate to one another. This year, 2020, Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year is calming Navy but Benjamin Moore has chosen a warm, rosy pink–its first ever pink color of the year.

Pantone has this to say about the 2020 Color of-the-Year–Classic Blue–“it instills calm, confidence and connection. It highlights our desire for a stable foundation on which to build as we move into the next era. It is restful and brings peace and tranquility”. To read more about the 2020 Color of-the-Year, check out the full Pantone description:

What I love about this classic blue is that although blue is often thought of as a cool color this 2020 Color of-the-Year is a warm Blue.

The color of the year is used as the basis for wallpaper, fabric, clothing design, home décor items, car colors, etc. for the entire year.

Grasscloth in a Blue close to the 2020 Color of the Year

There is one navy grasscloth paper that is a fan favorite–A Magnolia Home product that is close in tone to the Classic Blue 2020 Color of the Year. Look for Grasscloth 40 (VG4405MH) on our website,

The beauty of this natural grasscloth is its deep rich color and its linen-like finish which makes it a perfect surface for displaying artwork. For further details, check it out here.